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LEAH LAMARR was born in Queens, New York. She is an actress, writer, improviser and stand-up comedian currently based out of Los Angeles. 


News & Updates

Leah performed on Gotham Comedy Club’s “New Talent Showcase” along with Jim Gaffigan and Jerry Seinfeld!!!

Leah Lamarr and Jerry Seinfeld at Gotham Comedy Club // 01.08.2019 (Who wore black and denim better — Leah or Jerry?)

Leah Lamarr and Jerry Seinfeld at Gotham Comedy Club // 01.08.2019 (Who wore black and denim better — Leah or Jerry?)

Leah performed in an Off-Broadway run of “A Beast/A Burden” at The SoHo Playhouse in New York City, which ended on January 6th.


Leah co-created, directed, wrote and starred her new web-series “The Real Witches of West Hollywood" — check out the promo and first episode “Jewitch” below!

Check out Leah's interview about her journey into the entertainment world in Voyage LA!


Leah is in 2 Hollywood Fringe Festival shows! See her SHOWS page for show times and dates!

A Beast/A Burden: A historical dramedy-tization loosely based on the biography collection/performance artist “Chris Burden”

Nickel Dickers: An absurdist Hollywood Origins story

Leah spent the weekend performing stand-up at The World Famous Mad House Comedy Club in San Diego! Check her SHOWS calendar to see where she'll be next!

Listen to Leah on Stevie Nelson and Dave Horwitz's podcast "I Burn Everything!" She shares her experience with unconditionally loving butter and men who have fully stocked fridges:


Leah booked a Co-Star on Amazon's Jean-Claude Van Johnson! She shoots next week! 

Leah wrote and directed a sketch, produced by Gearmark TV! Check out Get-A-Waze.

Leah will be on LATV's show "Get it, Girl!" once a week, playing different characters that she writes for herself. Check her out on Wednesday's 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST!

Leah WON her third Roast Battle at The World Famous Comedy Store. She is now 3-0.

Leah booked a Co-Star on Season 2 of "Code Black" (starring Marcia Gay Harden, Rob Lowe and Luis Guzmán) on CBS! She will be shooting in late September/early October.

Leah WON her second Roast Battle against Nicole Becannon at The World Famous Comedy Store. She is now 2-0.

Leah completed her Intermediate class at Groundlings!

Leah shot a part in a new Bart Baker (over 1 million followers) parody video of Selena Gomez's "Kill 'Em With Kindness" at Maker Studios (and has almost 4 million views), playing a bitchy producer!

Principal photography has wrapped on the short film "The Rough Part", written by Richard Brandon Manus (writer on Last Man Standing) and Ryan Brandon Brown, in which Leah stars as a comedic sexy villain. 

Leah completed Clinic at Lesly Kahn & Co. 

Leah heads to NYC for Stand-Up in mid-May. Check her calendar for show dates!

Leah shot a sketch for Comedy Central's "Not Safe with Nikki Glaser"!

*** LEAH WON HER ROAST BATTLE at The Comedy Store against opponent Christina Hepburn. ***

LAMARR (1-0). 

3 Manginas were also present on stage, which is 4 too many.

For details about Leah's Roast, click HERE.


Check out the sketch that Leah wrote for Passover!

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Get ready for the ROAST BATTLE! Leah will be roasting on Tuesday, May 3rd at 10:30PM at The World Famous Comedy Store. COME SUPPORT! IT'S GOING TO GET TOASTY IN THERE.  Catch Leah in Vine Star - JoJoe's, new sketch for Al Gore's EcoHope Campaign!  Leah will be taking Clinic at Lesly Kahn & Co.  Leah booked and shot a guest starring role on Season 2 of the series "Bad Timing".  Leah booked a principal role in a new National Campaign. She cannot disclose the company yet, but she's very excited to share the commercial once it airs!!  

Tom Segura's new Netflix Special, "Mostly Stories" is out and Leah is in the opening short film! 


Check out Leah playing a heinous b*tch in the new series "Regional Office Heroes" below! She enters at around 06:15.

The horror shot, "Survival Job", in which Leah stars, is now available on Amazon Prime!


Leah's official Stand Up Debut will be at the Pretty, Funny Women Showcase on Thursday, December 3rd at Flapper's Comedy Club in Burbank at 10:00pm. All willing ears are welcome to attend!


Leah shot a recurring role in the new Career Builder web series "Regional Office Heroes", which will be on the interwebs soon!


Leah wrote and directed her first episode of a new series, produced by Gearmark Pictures!!! YAY! Second episode coming soon... 


You will see a whole bunch of new photos in the Gallery of Leah in a denim jacket, because she sometimes likes to look like she's in a Gap commercial from the 90s.


Leah booked and shot a principal role in a National Commercial for MasterCard! 


Leah graduated from UCB after successfully completing 401!


The first episode of Social Medium has premiered on YouTube! Thank you to our sponsors: Match.com, Yelp, Patreon, Loot Crate and Spotify.


Leah booked the principal role in a commercial for BelVita Breakfast Biscuits, which has 1.75 Million Views on FaceBook (but, of course, it is not embeddable)!

Leah booked a role in the new Tom Segura Untitled Netflix Comedy Special, directed by Rami Hachache. 


Leah will be taking UCB 401 later this month! YAY IMPROV.


Leah will be taking the Comedy Intensive with Lesly Kahn in September. Yeehaw! 


You can find Leah in the new music video for the band Magic! with the song "#SundayFunday" which comes out this month.


Leah graduated UCB 301 and will be moving on to UCB 401!


Leah played the role of Krista in the short film, "The Sweetening", written and directed by Grace Rowe.


Leah booked and shot two sketches in the new sketch comedy TV show on truTV, "Six Degrees of Everything" starring Benny & Rafi Fine and directed by Tom Stern via Marc Summers Productions.


Leah is currently taking UCB 301, taught by Todd Fasen and is LOVING IT.


Leah's episode of "Cry Wolfe" was the the Season 2 premiere! There's some crying, so prepare yourself... and check your local listings to view it!


Leah graduated from her Basic class at the Groundlings - onward to Intermediate!


Leah booked the principal role in a Skype commercial. Stay tuned!


Leah performed in the immersive theatre show, "The Alone Experience" at the Fountain Theatre. Here's a review of the show:

You can run, you can hide, but you'll never be safe from Leah on April Fools' Day... Check her out in this April Fools' PSA for Career Builder!

Morning after situations can sometimes get a little awkward... but not for the reasons you might think.

Being a bitchy, lawyer-y, sociopath is easy if that's your sort of thing. Turns out, it's Leah's sort of thing in her role as Sonia in the trailer for "Sociopaths".

select material from 2014!

Completed principal photograph in New York for the short film, "Survival Job" directed by Gregory Horoupian.

Played a nice and (slightly) quirky girlfriend for a PayCards commercial.

Booked a principal role in a WeTV Commercial as a curious internet-dater. 

Booked a principal role in a promo for the new EPIX Network as a hockey fan!

Maker Studios/Nacho Punch Sketch Comedy has released their new Halloween video, "Haunted House of Real Life Horrors!" Catch Leah at around 0:28.

Booked and shot the lead role of Margot in the short film, "Adults", written and directed by Stacee White.

Leah filmed a part in a new video called, "Hipsters Love Food", by the Maker Studios/Nacho Punch team.

Leah played the character of "Hot Girl" in a music video for The Expendables. 

Booked a small speaking role as a snarky reporter in the feature film, "Escape Artist".

Booked a role in the docu-feature film "East of Byzantium: War Gods and 
Warrior Saints" written and directed by Roger Kupelian. Leah played the role of Anahit, a Persian rebellion war leader!

Booked and shot a role in the feature film "The X Species" created by Neko Sparks. 

Shot the pilot episode for "Boy Friends" - a comedy about three friends attempting to tackle adulthood in Manhattan.

Leah uses her aggressively mediocre Aussi accent in the new sketch video, "Sex Yelp!" by Peter Macaluso.

Leah's episode of "There Are No Second Takes In Life... Take 2" created by Stephen McNamee is now live on the Interwebs!

Booked the lead role in the short film, "See You Next Week", which was written and directed by Vlad Duhov.

Leah shot a commercial for Keiser (UK).

Leah shot an advertisement for a new B2Pro product at Mark Seliger Studios.

Booked a PSA for Save the Children, called "The Most Important Sexy Model Video Ever", which went viral on the Interwebz and has over 4 Million views.

Leah was on the cover of Adweek for the campaign.


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Regional Office Heroes

Catch Leah at around 06:15.

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